Information and FAQ

  • When you get a Twitch viewer bot, bots automatically join each stream for the duration you get. There are no panels. It is completely automatic.
  • Our services work very stable.
  • It is connected to the viewer list along with the viewers.
  • You can only add viewers to your channel. You cannot assign viewers or other services to other channels. We may ask you to verify that you have your own channel. We are really careful about this!


Twitch Viewer Bot 

Are you a twitch streamer? We understand how much you care about your channel. You do your best to have fun with your followers. Still, your channel is not reaching the viewer you want? At this point, the twitch viewer bot comes to your aid!

A viewer bot is a system developed to achieve the desired reach on your channel. In addition, it is easier to customize your channel with these bots. We know how frustrating it can be to stream with low views. For this reason, we recommend you get help from a viewer bot. People who see a high number of active viewers in your broadcast will wonder what is in your stream. In this way, you will be able to share your skills with a larger viewer.

Of course, it is better to choose real viewers. But if anyone is giving your channel a chance, maybe that's the first thing you should do. Create that opportunity you need to introduce yourself to people. 

We understand how excited and enthusiastic it is before launching a Twitch stream. However, there are hundreds of publishers on this platform, experiencing the same excitement as you and broadcasting at the same time. On the other hand, this number of viewers can sometimes be low compared to the number of publishers. That's why most streamers stream with a 0 or 1 viewer count.


This situation encourages streamers to use viewer bots. Because viewers like to go where the crowd is. In short, it is a fact that publishers need high viewer counts to show themselves in the top positions. For streamers who do not want to waste time with organic solutions, using bots is not a bad idea at all.

Of course, only the viewer count of your channel will not take you to the top. As long as the quality of your content does not meet expectations, you will only have enough viewers to fool you at that moment. But if you are confident in your content quality and want people to notice it, a stream viewer bot is definitely what you're looking for.

Also, if you are going to get support from a viewer bot system, you should make sure that it is a reliable system. Otherwise, Twitch has the right to ban you. If you already have over 100 active viewers and a chat box, the bots won't be too obvious. However, if the chat box is empty and you are using bots, you will probably get caught.

At this point, let us develop the most suitable viewer bot plan for you. With the help of a reliable system, you will not face with any kind of harm from the boots you will buy. However, because you are using a viewer bot, you should not feel very popular and start lazing around. You should continue to work towards your target viewer.

Twitch Viewer Bot offers the most realistic and active robot system for you. Thanks to its perfect algorithm, it supports the development of your channel. Because they are realistic, they are never understood to be robots. It also has a technology that will never let you down thanks to its reinforced server system!

Thanks to its secure payment systems and high quality standards, Streamer Viewer Bot is ready to help you with this. Hurry up to join our happy customer community. You can get in contact with us right now!

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